Private sessions coming spring 2016.

1-, 2-, and 4-hour sessions available

  • Axe throwing (learn the basics then face-off against your teammates)
  • Fire building (pair up and get your fire built in the fastest time)
  • Pulp tossing (a classic lumberjack game)
  • Lumberjack cooking (only available with 4-hour sessions—make beef stew, lard biscuits, and a seasonal fruit sauce right on the campfire)

Email us to schedule a session



  1. BE NICE. Rude people do pushups. 

  2. NO PAUL BUNYANING. Never carry your axe over your shoulder. 

  3. THANK YOUS, PLEASE. When someone passes you an axe, say "thank you" so they know it's safe to let it go. 
  4. NO KILLING OR GETTING KILLED. Humans, pets, trees—axes can harm or kill them all. Practice safety at all times.
  5. ONLY THROW WHEN IT'S ALL CLEAR. Including your area of ricochet. 
  6. HAVE FUN. Sticks in the mud do pushups.