Brant MacDuff is a taxidermist and wildlife educator. He gives tours at the American Museum of Natural History and lectures on the history of taxidermy and conservation. He hates Baby on Board stickers, loves Ferdinand the Bull, and makes delicious bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Project Woodchips: What made you sign up for camp? 
Brand MacDuff: I love working outside and collecting new skills. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try something new that included a lot of my favorite things (trees, sharp objects, and plaid.)

PW: What was your favorite part about camp? 
BM: Climbing the pole like a Brazilian spider monkey. And getting to drive some draft horses through the woods to haul logs. 

PW: What are you hoping to get out of it this year?
I want to get better at everything I tried last year, and hopefully pick up some more new skills. Also, maple syrup. They make the best maple syrup I’ve ever had there, and I’m going to buy gallons of it this time. 

PW: What advice do you have for someone coming for the first time? 
This is a working vacation, get ready to sweat. Also, save room in your bag for maple syrup.

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