Our last full day of lumberjack training started with a trail hike to Osgood Pond, where Bethany Garretson runs a living, breathing classroom on a former homestead from the 1800s, which also happens to host three authentic Mongolian yurts. While taking a break from training for an attempt at climbing all 46 peaks in the ADK park in 8 days (an endeavor that takes most folks upwards of a year), Bethany took us into the woods at Osgood for a taste of primitive skills. We're talking survival sans axes here. We learned how to connect with the ground to navigate terrain in the dark; we practiced a hunter/gatherer's stalking pace to avoid startling prey; and we made our own throwing sticks. She also introduced us to a new party game involving a Samurai skills. It's called zoogle, and we'll let you Google everything about it

Back at camp, we split off into teams and got ready to demo everything we've practiced this week in front of more than 100 Paul Smith's alumni. What an awesome group of people--and we're not just saying that because they kept asking if we were incoming freshmen. Tomorrow morning, things get competitive with prizes on the line for winning teams and individuals. We're eyeing each other a little more closely tonight, but as a group we've already won the week.