Today, we swung axes between our legs and used a saw that towered over us when standing upright. Under the awesomely helpful watch of Stihl Timbersports pro Dave Jewett, we stood on top of our freshly peeled logs and worked on our underhand chop, using an downward motion to chop them in half as fast as possible. Letting no adrenaline go to waste, we moved on to the single buck event (Dave just happens to hold a record) and maneuvered a razor-sharp saw specifically designed for competition. It's hard and it's all in the legs. We wound down with the soothingly repetitive motion of whittling down the wood we cut in the sawmill yesterday into usable axe handles. Some of the crew picked up hewing axes and worked on carving out an actual wooden beam (if you're in the market for one, we may know some guys). 

If we're being honest, our eyelids are a little heavy today, so we'll leave you with some newfound wisdom we'll probably end up dreaming about: 

  1. When making axe handles by hand, old-school lumberjacks kept their blanks moist by sticking them in sacks of potatoes 
  2. Hewing a beam requires carving out pockets known as "juggles" (we now call every pocket a juggle: "What's juggling in your juggle?") 
  3. Performing a flawless underhand chop swing requires the same motion as a flawless golf swing (we hate golf, but would probably be pretty good at it now) 
  4. Pokemon GO have made it up to the Adirondacks 
  5. Fistfuls of maple candy work better than 5 Hour Energy for about 5 minutes 
  6. Cardio is important 
  7. Cooking hamburgers in butter is a thing. A delicious thing
  8. When you find/make/fix an axe you love it kind of starts to feel like an extra limb (in a good way, not in a sci-fi way) 
  9. Brute force will get you nowhere 
  10. Being tired is good 

Good night!