Hi, guys!

We’ve been getting a lot of good questions about our upcoming lumberjack getaway. And some of the most pressing center on one thing: How in the world do I get there from NYC?

One of the things we like best about the Adirondacks, and Paul Smith’s College in particular (where the getaway will be), is that it puts us right in the middle of nowhere. No city stink, no honking taxis, no pushing, shoving pedestrians. But that also makes it a little tricky to get to. Fear not: Here’s your guide to making your way up to one of the most beautiful places in America.

Best all-around: Car.

Honestly? The best way to get there is by car. If you secure a rental car through an airport location early, it's the same (or cheaper) than any of the options below. Plus, the Adirondacks are incredibly beautiful, and you might want a way to get around up there to check some of the sights. We're also putting together our road-trip guide to help you make the trip up as much of an adventure as your week at camp. We always have good luck with Hotwire. Check for deals out of rental locations at LGA, JFK, and even Jersey City.

But, Project Woodchips, how else do I get there?

We get it; you're New Yorkers and you don't drive. (Half of Project Woodchips doesn't even drive.) Don't let that stop you.

Most scenic: Train.

You can grab an Amtrak to Plattsburgh, NY (going for $77 each way right now), and one of us (the one who drives) will pick you up. It's about 45 mins from Paul Smith's. It's a beautiful ride, but make sure you check the timing and pack some snacks—it takes most of the day!

Most direct (but there's trade-offs!): Bus.

Other than car, the Trailways Bus to Paul Smith's is the most direct route. It will take you from the city to Paul Smith's itself, where camp is held. Should run you about $75 each way. Just make sure you’ve come to terms with your feelings about buses before making the purchase: It’s about an eight-and-a-half hour ride.

Maybe fastest? Plane.

A couple of options: If enough people want to fly into Albany (we’d need at least six), then Paul Smith’s College can help us set up a shuttle to get that group from Albany to the camp. 

Another option is to take a JetBlue flight from NYC (either Newark or JFK) to Boston, and get then hop on a Cape Air flight to Adirondack Regional Airport, and then it’s a 7-mile taxi to Paul Smith’s. Round trip for these flights is $357 at the time we’re posting this. You can book this easily through Priceline. Just enter SLK (Adirondack Regional Airport) as your airport destination.


None of this work for you? Or do you have another idea? Let us know! Email projectwoodchips@gmail.com and let's figure something out. We can't wait to see you at camp!