JusT announced:
Registration is Live for this year's
Woodsman camp
July 7-13, 2019


The Project Woodchips Woodsman Camp, through Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks, is the best way to learn to chop, split, throw, saw, climb, roll...this list could go on forever. It doesn't matter if you've never picked up an axe before—you'll master basic Adirondack woodsman skills during this weeklong program. 


fun, not fancy

We'll put an axe in your hand on day one. You'll learn to peel, chop, split, roll, and throw logs. You'll learn to swing an axe, move a saw, and start a chainsaw without losing a limb. Sure, that means sweat, dirt, and the occasional blister. But it also gives you a lot more to talk about than you'd get from a trip to the beach. 



Spend a week without getting on a train, getting stuck in traffic, or getting lost in calendar appointments. The Adirondacks are the perfect environment for learning everything you ever wanted to know about being a woodsman (and a ton of things you've never even thought of) without distractions. We've got lakes, trees, campfires, and simple, unfussy accommodations. 


Expert instruction

You'll learn from competitive and exhibition woodsmen, Timbersports pros, and primitive skills instructors to do things like:

  •   Competitive fire building
  •   Speed climbing
  •   Axe throwing
  •   Speed chopping
  •   Chain saw basics
  •   Crosscut sawing
 •    Bow sawing
  •   Cast-iron cooking
  •   Pulp toss
  •   Birling
  •  Axe restoration
  •  Plant identification
And a bunch of other stuff that will make you more useful on your next camping trip. 

Simple accomodations

It looks like a college dorm because it is! Our program takes place entirely on the Paul Smith's College campus in stunning Paul Smith's, New York, and we stay in their cozy student dorms throughout the program. Both near the dorms and the woodsman cabin, we build fires for s'mores and basic cooking, and the dorms provide the added bonus of being able to do mid-week laundry (trust us, this will be important).